Week 15 & Finals: “The End is a new Beginning”

Everything for the final week is due Dec. 11, 2015 by 5 p.m. The University of Mary Washington’s Digital Knowledge Center provides peer tutoring to all University students on digital projects and assignments. Students can schedule 50 minute, one-one-one tutorials with a trained peer tutor on any DS106 related projects.  Click Here to set up an appointment.


As a final project for this course, you are asked to produce a story around a character that explores all media forms we’ve investigated this semester: visual, design, audio and video, you are combining all techniques to create one blog post that uses all media.  That may mean it is one piece of media that you create out of all forms of media we talked about or you weave the story with four distinct media pieces that culminate to one grand story. The idea is that you need to create a narrative arc for a character that is played out in the products of all the assignments you have done and woven together with context and writing as a standalone blog post.

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Week 13 & 14 I remixed a remix, it was back to normal.

I am going to use Jim Groom Lecture from 2012 for remix.  You need to really start listening around 3:30.  You will want to watch RiP: A Remix Manifesto first (given below).

For the next two weeks you’ll be exploring the culminating ideas of ds106–remixes and mashups– the artistic recasting of existing media into new forms by creative combination and editing. This will build off of your previous work in all media forms. And we will even remix our own assignments.

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Week 11 & 12 I Want to See That Video

Making Movies


You’ve read movies and done your pre-work. Now it’s time to make movies! Video is perhaps the most rich of storytelling forms, and over the next two weeks you will focus explicitly on video storytelling. The only assignments on your plate are to work on video assignments, and all of which are due in two weeks time.

But here is the warning, danger danger Will Robinson– DO NOT LEAVE THIS ALL FOR THE LAST WEEKEND. You should have a good start for the two assignments you did the pre-work for last week. You will get more feedback if you do some work this first week.


You will want to be using the video editor that allows you wo cut and re-arrange clips on a timeline, and to add, and layer audio tracks. Most typically this is the software that came with your operating system- iMovie on Macs and MovieMaker on Windows PCs (but feel free to look at some of the other options in the ds106 Handbook). Many of the assignments will require downloading of clips form YouTube (we have a tutorial if you need it). PC users may have challenges in importing the downloaded mp4 video files- you will either have to install codecs to read mp4 videos, or use a converter to change mp4 into AVI or WMV file formats.

It is also important focus on the storytelling aspect of your video making–do not focus on just the technical points or making the video just for the points..  Be very sure that your video tells a story somehow and that when you write up your blog post you are providing full details and context for your videos. Think about the shape of stories we studied in week 4.

Here is what you should be including in all of your video assignments for the next two weeks:

  • An opening title sequence and closing credits – make sure your video gives credit to media sources.
  • Makes good use of audio- keep in mind the lessons from audio storytelling- use of background music, sound effects, and/or foley.
  • Your blog writeup includes the key elements— narrative describing the ides/inspiration behind the video you created and also details on how it was made (including credits/links to media sources and at least one screen shot of your video editing screen).

It’s video, video, video.

Video Editing Resources

Check the ds106 Handbook Tools section for options on video editing tools and links to tutorials for iMovie and Movie Maker. Other resources that may help include:

Digital Knowledge Center

The Digital Knowledge Center (on the 4th floor of the ITCC) is open for business between 10 Am and 6 PM Monday through Thursday, and from 10 Am to 3 PM on Fridays. They are awesome, schedule an appointment to get focused help with using these video tools—you might even meet a fellow classmate :)

Required Video Assignment

Have a Conversation With yourself! or create a video where you sing multiple parts of a song similar to Jon Cozart or when Eddie Murphy in Coming to America played multiple people in the barber shop.

The Rest of the Video Mission

Over the next two weeks, your other task is completion of 5 assignment worth minimally 16 stars from the Video Assignments.  Focus on more than just completing the required numer of stars. Just doing 16 stars worth of work earns you a “C.”; going above and beyond and creating something interesting and compelling will move you into “B” and “A” territory.

All your video work should be uploaded to YouTube and you must write a post for each completed assignment in which you embed your YouTube video. If you are looking for a paragraph length, it should be at least 4 paragraphs.

Pay attention to Video the ds106 Way from in regards to including credits, more complex audio, write-ups, etc.

Daily Create

Please complete 6 total daily creates, try to focus on video daily creates.

Weekly Summary

Due midnight, Sunday, November 15, 2015
Your week summary should not take much to do. Besides linking to the work you did for the last two weeks, make room to write some reflection on what you learned about creating stories in video — and not just the technical aspects, but what did you find were the compelling elements of story in the work you did in these two weeks.

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