Domain Verification is a MUST or Your Domain will be Suspended


As part of your activity in this class, you recently registered a domain through UMW’s Domain of One’s Own project. All domains registered are required by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to be verified within two weeks of registration. Verification is completed by clicking on a link that is emailed to you.


You should have received an email immediately after registering your domain. If you know you completed yourdomain verification, then you are done! However, if you don’t remember doing this, please refer to this article: which provides information about where you might find the email, what the subject will likely be, and how to resend it to yourself. In addition, the staff of Teaching & Learning Technologies is resending domain verification emails to all unverified domains on Friday, September 4th.


If you believe you’ve never received this email, and you can’t seem to resend it to yourself, please contact Martha Burtis at


If you do not verify your domain within 2 weeks of registering it, it will be suspended. Suspension does not mean that your site or work are actually deleted or removed; they simply will be come unavailable until you complete the verification process. Unfortunately, no one can complete domain verification on your behalf, so it is critical that you do it yourself.

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