Assignment Bank Grading Rubric

  Exemplary  Accomplished  Developing 
Blog Affordances, use of media
(10%)  A creative title that attracts interest, assignment and related media embedded, relevant and extra information provided via contextualized hyperlinks Original title, assignment media embedded, some hyperlinks present and contextual Title paraphrases assignment, media is linked; none to a minimal use of hyperlinks; most hyperlinks via URL
The narration of Idea and Storytelling Elements 
(30%)  Inspiration, influences, and evolution of idea narrated, linked to related concepts; connected to larger ideas or works included; strong connection of storytelling elements Inspiration for the idea described as well as how it evolved; connection cited to storytelling elements. Singular source of the idea described; Storytelling elements not clear.
Media Created for Assignment
(30%)  Media created is a novel or even opposite interpretation of assignment, justified in the write-up, shows experimentation with special features/techniques of tools; fine attention to media assemblage, graphic details, transitions, sound levels (where appropriate). Media created uses a creative interpretation or unexpected view of assignment, shows experimentation with features of tools; Media assemblage shows effort to blend together. Media created satisfies literal interpretation of assignment, makes use of basic features of tools. Media assemblage is linear, cut, and paste.
The narration of Creative Process
(30%)  Techniques and methods are explained in sufficient form to help someone else do a similar assignment, explained as narrative steps, with supporting screenshots or screencasts. Sources of external media cited by name and URL. Specific techniques listed as a narrative with screenshots. Sources of external media cited by URL. Lists name of tools used, brief text summary of steps. General sources of external media used listed