Example Week 1 Midweek Summary


Okay. Wow. First half of the week did not go well. I had some issues with my website which required me to reach out to the Help Desk/Digital Knowledge Center. They said I “broke” the website and weren’t sure how…Typical Destiny. Had to redo a few things (a lot of things) so it was a rough start to this class to say the least. Anyways – it’s up now, as you can see.

So this part of the week involved setting this site up and some other social media accounts. I previously had a Twitter, but deleted it. And then got it again for this class. I’ve never heard of Flickr, never used Soundcloud, and barely used YouTube. Thank god I already had a Gmail account. I wasn’t sure how formal these introductions were supposed to be, so I went with mainly a collection of casual photos and videos, and then a formal SoundCloud recording of me briefly introducing myself to balance my “about me” page out. The part I enjoyed the most was customizing my blog; it was almost relaxing and made me actually say to myself “should I consider web design?” I knew I wanted something that catches the eye but isn’t obnoxious for the cover photo, so I chose the image of the house from Up, but faded it a bit so it was easier on the eyes, and I love how it looks on the page. I don’t think that my work has any bearing on cultural/societal implications yet, but I’m sure as we get through these assignments, I will begin to come across some aspects of it.

I feel as though I completed the requirements for this portion of the week well, even though I struggled and doubted myself along the way. I kept looking at the instructions out of fear of doing something else wrong. The part that gave me the most trouble was setting up this site, as I mentioned above. Although it gave me trouble, I did get a lot of satisfaction from it once everything was up and running. I considered myself pretty digitally inclined until I started this class, so it just goes to show that we can always improve ourselves and learn something new every day. I work full time and take other classes, so if there was anything I would have done differently, it would be doing my work for this class first, since it is the most time consuming and requires me to dig into my creative side. Lesson learned.

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