Example Assignment



Notice this assignment has the media that was produce, a paragraph explaining the media with links to relevant materials and a tutorial.  That is what makes it a what is expected


DS106 Assignment: We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch! (3 Stars)

We’re the real life Brady Bunch! This was the Brady Bunch assignment where we were tasked with making our own version of the Brady Bunch introduction. I chose the people I did for this project because these are my best friends on my team, and some my roommates. Going clockwise, I chose Cameron Walker, Grant Cragg, Jack Landers, J.D. Nozemack, Garrett Keogh, Sam Pugliese, Brandon Williams, and myself. J.D. and Garrett are my two roommates, so it was fitting to have them be two out of the eight people in my project. Brandon Williams, who was a senior on our team this year was an economics major, like myself, and has been a huge help to me since I came to school here my sophomore year, which is why he is in the bunch. Lastly, Cameron, Jack, Sam, and Grant are all in this bunch because they are all roommates and have been my friends since the day I got to school here my sophomore year. Collectively, we are the “Elite Eight”. We are all members of the lacrosse team here at the University of Mary Washington and are all friends together outside of sports and school.

Brady Bunch Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Open https://pixlr.com/x/#home and create a new project

Step 2: Download all headshots and import them into project

Step 3: Using the magic wand tool, erase all white space on pictures and touch them up to get rid of any unforgiven white space left

Step 4: Import Brady Bunch template

Step 5: Align photos in any order and use the draw erase tool to fix any imperfections

Step 6: Add overlay filter from the side menu, you can choose the best overlay to give it the effect you want

Step 7: Add the same text three times, the first being white, the second being black, and the last layer being white, and decrease font by 2 points every layer up

Step 8: Align text to your liking in the center block

Step 9: Save image, download, and upload to webpage