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Summary Post #2 – Week One

Week one of Digital Storytelling is in the books, and it’s been a fun one so far! These past two assignments for this week have brought me both great happiness and excitement, but also some stress too. I have travelled outside of my comfort zone for both of these assignments, but once I was able to understand how to do them, I became happy with the process and completion of the assignments. Being able to go out of your comfort zone to finish tasks you did not think you would be able to do, is a very rewarding process altogether.

I enjoyed the assignments that were assigned for this week and had fun completing them. I feel like a did a great job at completing the assignments and that I did a good job with my work. However, I had trouble with the photo safari as I was not too sure how to capture some of the photos. I did not run into much trouble on my visual assignments because there were clear instructions somewhere around the internet to complete them. I enjoyed to photo safari when I was able to come up with ideas on what to photograph, and I felt accomplished that I was even able to find pictures that represented all of the guidelines. I learned this week how to become a better photographer and to get creative when taking photos, and that angles I took them at.

If I could start over, I should have made a list of items to take pictures of for the photo safari before hand instead of taking them on the fly- that would have relieved the stress I had from the project. One of the larger issues I have have surrounding my work is organization. I definitely should look up and experiment with different organizational strategies to make my website more easily navigable.

Overall, this was a great week for assignments because of the challenge they brought, and how interactive they were. I especially enjoyed the Be Your Own Friend! assignment because it was fun to mess around and make different versions of the panoramas before I found my final picture for it.

Listed below are my assignments I have made for week one:

Daily Creates:

Happy birthday, Fats Waller: May 20th, 2021

Get our your compass. Look west. Take a photo: May 22nd, 2021

Visual Assignments:

  1. Draw It (2 Stars)
  2. We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch! (3 Stars)
  3. Be Your Own Best Friend! (3 Stars)
  4. Bucket List (2 Stars)

Additional Assignments:

Photo Safari

Reflection for my photo safari

Tips I learned from the videos and readings

My comments on my peers work: